About Blend Images

Blend Images is the world’s leading multiethnic commercial stock agency. Founded by a consortium of the most talented and respected photographers within stock photography, and managed by key industry veterans, Blend Images has established itself as the premiere destination for ethnically diverse business and lifestyle imagery.

We strive to understand the needs of marketing to diverse communities. Through extensive market research and creative intelligence, we create vibrant, culturally relevant imagery for the marketplace, capturing the real-life essence of a variety of ethnic groups – imagery that has graced the cover of TIME and other high profile commercial and editorial usages.

Our exclusive niche focus on ethnically diverse imagery speaks directly to clients’ needs. We offer a premium Royalty-Free collection, Boost – a value Royalty-Free collection, and a unique Rights-Managed collection, all guaranteeing the exacting standards and high quality that exemplify Blend Images. For any comments on our offerings, specific needs or other suggestions, please communicate with us at info@blendimages.com.

Welcome to our community.

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