Dean West

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Photographer Dean West takes weeks and up to a year creating these incredibly complex,Hockney-esque, hyper-stylised images from his “Painted Photographs” series. “To recreate the scene of the girl on the balcony (‘St. Pete Beach, 2016’), that was like seven days of driving to find the one space that felt as close to that memory as possible,” said West in a recent interview.


dean-west_photography_001 dean-west_photography_002 dean-west_photography_003 dean-west_photography_004 dean-west_photography_007 dean-west_photography_008 dean-west_photography_009 dean-west_photography_011 dean-west_photography_012 dean-west_photography_013



Paint Me Over

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Paint Me Over, a photography is a series created by photographer Marina Danilova and dress designer Svetlana Lyalina.  Lyalina is known for her wedding dresses but here collaborates with painter Nikas Safronov to create these stunning creations.


paintoverme1 paintoverme3 paintoverme4 paintoverme5 paintoverme6 paintoverme7 paintoverme8 paintoverme9


Slavic Folklore

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Moscow-based photographer Andrey Yakovlev and art director Lili Aleeva (a duo known simply as Yakovlev and Aleeva) have created a series of photos that trade liberally on Slavic folklore tales, often with religious themes, many pre-Christian when people worshipped a sun god named Dazboh.


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June Kim

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Some minimalist architectural inspired work by photographer June Kim.

junemichelle-0-900x628 junemichelle-1B-900x852 junemichelle-2-900x699 junemichelle-3-900x1388 junemichelle-5-900x599 junemichelle-6-900x1350 junemichelle-7-900x1382 junemichelle-12-900x582 junemichelle-14-900x599 junemichelle-15-900x599

Grand Interiors

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Weddings, art and commercial

Some stunning interior shots by photographer James Kerwin of abandoned and formally grandiose buildings.

jameskerwin-1-900x613 jameskerwin-2-900x600 jameskerwin-3-900x1350 jameskerwin-4-900x600 jameskerwin-5-900x600 jameskerwin-6-900x586 jameskerwin-7-900x600 jameskerwin-9-900x600 jameskerwin-10-900x600 jameskerwin-11-900x600 jameskerwin-12-900x600

Paradox City

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Japanese photographer Shin Noguchi is a master of street photography. See a lot of inspiring work on his website.


“I always try to capture this reality beyond my own values and perspective.”‘Sorry, You’ll Never Walk Alone’ was aimed at capturing the contradictions of the contemporary world – while human nature tells us to be with the others, we’ve created complex societies that make the individuals feel alienated like never before. However, it seems like at the same time it is not possible to actually have a moment on your own in this vigorous and busy world. “There must be someone in the society keeping an eye on your struggle for living. Street photography always displays the truth. The truth I talk about isn’t necessarily what I can see, but what also exists in society, on the street, in people’s life. I always try to capture this reality beyond my own values and perspective.”

Shin_Noguchi_Photography_2 Shin_Noguchi_Photography_4 Shin_Noguchi_Photography_5 Shin_Noguchi_Photography6 Shin_Noguchi_Photography7 Shin_Noguchi_Photography8 Shin_Noguchi_Photography11 Shin_Noguchi_Photography12 Shin_Noguchi_Photography14


Get to know BLEND 2.0 – From our CEO

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Over the past 11 years, our founding photographers and contributing artists have been hard at work building what we consider one of the top collections of commercial stock photography available.  While we started Blend Images to address the lack of high-quality, non-stereotypical images of multiculturalism and diversity, it has since become so much more.  Blend now also features travel, concepts, food, architecture, and many other subjects that comprehensively showcase the human experience.

As a completely photographer owned and managed agency, we see ourselves as “makers for makers” – as truly creative partners.  And with the launch of our new website, you now have access to the entire Blend Images library. From value priced Royalty Free to hard-to-find Rights Managed content, it’s all just a click away.  With over 150 photographers creating new imagery for Blend every day, there’s always something new at

And don’t forget, we are always happy to assist you with research, it’s free. Our customer service team is eager to help find just the right shot at the right price.  You can reach our research team via live chat on the new website, or you can simply email them at

Creatively yours,

Rick Leckrone, Founder and CEO of Blend Images


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