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Blend Shooters!-


Don’t forget to register for you spot in the upcoming webinar aimed at making you a skilled Motion Shooter.

This is the first of two motion webinars helping filmmakers successfully begin shooting live action. To get the most out of this webinar, please review the links in the blend forum post from Stewart in advance of this webinar. Many questions will be answered with these resources.


Log in to the forum today and check it out. Contact your editor with any questions.

A film short for Experimental Film Virginia 2015

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From Blend contributor Mark Edward Atkinson~

AP Archive on YouTube

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Thousands of hours of archival news dating back to 1895 from the Associated Press is now available on their YouTube channel. You can imagine how we’ll be spending our afternoon.

Screen Shot 2015-07-24 at 9.46.48 AM

For an overview, check out NPR’s Thursday broadcast of ‘Morning Edition’.¬†

Sizzle Reel

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All the best of Blend, but in High Definition splendor.
Thousands of new clips ready to be edited promo videos, on-line advertisements, or feature films.

Find more on blendmotion.com.


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Girl swimming underwater… Warmer Days ūüôā
Filmmaker King Lawrence

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Hipster Road Trip

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Talk about a photographic power couple, Trinette + Chris are as prolific as they are creative. The pair runs a successful commercial advertising photography business with an international client list. Their skills cover all of the creative bases: photography, motion video, advertising, copy writing, editing, art directing, artist representation, design consultation, you name it! They work as a collaborative team on shoots, sharing roles as director and photographer. Trinette is also a founding owner here at Blend Images and has been integral part in shaping many of the collections.

Recently the duo worked on a shoot for Blend that featured millennials out on the open road. Trinette explains,

“We wanted to do a shoot that had a loose feeling to it featuring a group of millennial’s out in nature. Casting was the toughest part of this project as we wanted to cast real people and ideally people that were friends in real life. Authenticity was a key component to this shoot and having real friends take the authenticity to a level that is hard to replicate with people that are meeting for the first time the day of the shoot. “

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“As with all of our shoots we prepared a shoot brief, mood board and detailed shot list divided into different scenarios that we would be setting up throughout the day, we even decided to prop for a nice picnic lunch and shoot while everyone was eating lunch. As predicted, casting real friends was a huge benefit. There were no awkward moments to work through and everyone pretty much hit the ground running, literally. We found the talent just naturally falling into behaviors that would have been difficult to art direct and the authenticity really shines through in the final product. Our favorite part of this shoot was allowing for things to happen naturally and go with the flow rather than trying to control every moment. With each scene it became important to allow time for things to happen, for example – someone jumping out of the side of the truck, another telling a story getting some great emotion by the camp fire, or dancing on a picnic table – all of these moments became real gems.

The most difficult part on a shoot like this is that there are a lot of moving parts (people really). It is hard for a photographer to keep an eye on every person at the same time and make sure everyone is on at the right moment. It requires shooting a lot of frames paying close attention to capture the authentic moments that come organically. At times it can feel out of control which can either be frustrating or lead to some great shots. It was a really fun day with a great group of friends.”
Check out the full library of pictures from this production on Blendimages.com. Get a peek¬†at footage from this shoot and others on¬†Trinette + Chris’s demo reel or head over to their website at¬†trinettereed.com.

Blend in Motion

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The shooters here at Blend have been busy but you haven’t seen anything yet! Check out these killer clips in the Blend Images motion collection, which are available for both RM and RF licensing. You can find these clips at a number of distributors world wide. Feel free to contact us if we can help find what you are looking for.

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