Sophia Heymans

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Delightful landscapes by Minneapolis, Minnesota-based artist Sophia Heymans.



Projection Dance

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Contemporary dance choreographer Anna Abalikhina collaborated with Sila Seta, an interactive media and conceptual design company to create this amazing bit of choreography that combines projection mapping software programs with a real-time dancer to create this amazing video.


LA Minimal

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Los Angeles-based interdisciplinary artist Hayley Eichenbaum plays with west coast minimalism.


Eichenbaum_11 Eichenbaum_12 Hayley-Eichenbaum01 Hayley-Eichenbaum02 Hayley-Eichenbaum04 Hayley-Eichenbaum05 Hayley-Eichenbaum06 Hayley-Eichenbaum07-768x768 Hayley-Eichenbaum08 Hayley-Eichenbaum09 IMG_8174 IMG_8414 IMG_8432 IMG_8475



Holy Houses

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Vaulted mosque ceilings, captured by Mohammad Reza Domiri Ganji.

houses-of-the-holy-10 houses-of-the-holy-11 houses-of-the-holy-12 houses-of-the-holy-13 houses-of-the-holy-14 houses-of-the-holy-15 houses-of-the-holy-16 mmm2 mmm3 mmm4 mmm5 mmm6 mmm7



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India by Josef Hoflehner

04 09 10 11 15 16 24 india-by-josef-hoflehner-2 india-by-josef-hoflehner-3 india-by-josef-hoflehner-4 india-by-josef-hoflehner-5 india-by-josef-hoflehner-6 india-by-josef-hoflehner-7 india-by-josef-hoflehner



Just Signs

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Minimalist, Texas-based photographer Matt Crump the creator of the digital art movement #candyminimal, or “candy-colored minimalism.”carefully edits out all the surrounding noise and concentrates on the signage, giving it a simple, one color backgraound.


4_truths2_copy_1_1024x1024 DSC_4203_1_1024x1024 DSC_4403_1024x1024 DSC_4957_1_1024x1024 DSC_6785_1_1024x1024 DSC_9150_1_1024x1024 matt-crump-signage-01 matt-crump-signage-02 matt-crump-signage-04 matt-crump-signage-05 matt-crump-signage-06 matt-crump-signage-07 matt-crump-signage-10 matt-crump-signage-11 matt-crump-signage-14 picnic_1024x1024

I changed the colors of my backgrounds (usually the sky) to anything but the actual color of the sky—that was the beginning of my style. Over time, I started crushing on a few colors I was using (aqua blue, hot pink, mint green, neon yellow and orange, light purple) and those became the basis for my current electric-pastel color palette which gives my work its recognizability.



Unknown Terrain

November 8, 2015 § Leave a comment


“Unknown Terrain” by Andrew Hem is now on view at KP Projects/MKG in Los Angeles through November 7th, in conjunction with Nathan Ota’s “Four Corners.”

Hern, 10/26/11, 9:53 AM, 8C, 3892x6680 (1703+751), 100%, Repro 2.2 v2, 1/20 s, R38.7, G32.4, B53.4

56_illegalhitweb 63_thestreetsismystudio20x31web 64_whystartwiththebridge1l 21579807363_4a347717f5_o 22012758030_3a8a57b3cc_b 22012759260_19eae8cda4_b 22013945209_5d07b4e1e5_b 22013945859_e330190a8f_o 22013946579_f28b96cca4_o 22013947179_1c01601270_b 22188120052_ba37638383_o 22188120292_0c919961aa_o 22188121532_8380377362_b 22211139111_85ca06e29d_o




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